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May/June 1999

Complete Shakespeare Monologues For Women Geoffrey G. Forward. Published by: Forward Co., 1909 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd., Topanga, CA 90290, (210) 455-9927,; $14.95, paper, 175 pages; 0-944200-08-7 (1999).
Geoffrey G. Forward is the Founder and Director of The Los Angeles Shakespeare Company, and is himself a Shakespearean actor, director, scholar and teacher. He has published a number of successful books on diction and speech, and a recent scholarly discovery of his was featured in The Shakespeare Quarterly.
All of this knowledge and experience is evident in The Complete Shakespeare   Monologues   For Women. Forward has a crisp, well-defined authorial voice that is both challenging and reassuring. He realistically sets out the challenges of performing Shakespeare, but all along instills in the reader the confidence that they can master the form. What sets this book apart from other similar publications is that Forward is able to completely forsake literary scholarship and approach the subject in purely theatrical terms. Every point in the book is thoroughly concentrated on performance, even when he is encouraging interpretation.
The book includes a lucid explanation of iambic pentameter, an excellent bibliography and a functional index section. All in all an eminently useful volume.
Postscript: Forward excises two potentially offensive lines from the monologues. His moral concern is admirable, but it is a dangerous, and unnecessary thing to start changing history to accommodate contemporary consciousness. — Vincent Asaro

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Looking for a Great Shakespearean Monologue?

In this remarkable reference book you will find more Shakespeare monologues than you dreamed were possible—over 130—old favorites and fresh, new discoveries.

Shakespearean actor, director, teacher, Geoffrey G. Forward, draws on more than twenty years of experience to help you find just the right monologue for you!

Looking for Help on Acting Shakespeare?

New and experienced actors will benefit from these insights on how to choose a monologue, how to analyze it, how to memorize it, and how to perform it!

In this book, you will discover:

  • All the monologues for women, not just a few
  • Monologues indexed by age—young, middle age, older
  • Monologues categorized as comedy or dramatic
  • Monologues labeled verse or prose

New and experienced actors will appreciate these additional aids to acting:

  • An introductory chapter on analysis and performance—including voice, where to breathe, gesture, and much more
  • The monologue divided into its thoughts
  • The key words marked
  • A simple, fast way to do metrical scansion

Take control. Put the coaching you find in Shakespeare Monologues for Women 
to work for you. 
Excel in your next Shakespeare audition. 
After all, it’s your career.

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About the Author
Geoffrey G. Forward is a Shakespearean actor, director, and teacher. He is the founder and artistic director of The Los Angeles Shakespeare Company and for over twenty years has been teaching professional actors how to perform Shakespeare, in The Actor’s Shakespeare Workshop, Los Angeles. He has  also been published in the Shakespeare Quarterly.

About the Author

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