Los Angeles Shakespeare Company

Our Goal: To develop a world-class Shakespeare Company, on par with major Shakespeare Companies around the world.

. We will produce all of Shakespeare's plays in five years, and subscribers will get to see all of Shakespeare's English Histories in the order of History within our first five summer festivals!!!

Actors Shakespeare Academy

Our Goal: To become a two-year certificate program in which professional and aspiring thespians can gather and learn the craft of producing Shakespeare. Classes will range from Acting, Text Analysis, Combat, Dance, and Voice to Stage Management, Producing 99-Seat Theatre, and Scenography.

We offer two semesters each year. During each break there is a CAMP for KIDS and TEENAGERS.



The Complete Shakespeare Comedy and Dramatic Monologues for Women
Never again do the same old monologue everyone else is doing!

What Maior is Falstaff Denying?
Metrical Scansion

Geoffrey G. Forward Home Page

Joel Asher's Studio Page

SpeechMasters of America
The best books on improving your speaking and singing voice.

Shakespeare Related Web Pages

Sandor Klein, Artist
Incredible artist who painted the new portrait of Shakespeare for us.

Voice and Speech

If you are interested in improving your speaking voice and Standard American Speech, please go to the SpeechMasters of America home page. There you will find all sorts of materials (books, tapes, CD's) on your speaking voice, as well as the best books, tapes and CD's for improving your singing voice.


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