Los Angeles Shakespeare Company

Artistic Director: Geoffrey Forward

Producing Director: Joel Asher

Company Manager: Robert Murdoch

In Preparation

Taming of the Shrew

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Joel Asher

A comedy about a woman who gets beaten into submission,
and her sister who just needs a man or two or three...
Isn't Shakespeare a riot?!
Presented in Commedia Del Arte



Directed by Joel Asher

Commedia/Movement Specialist: Judith Chaffee

Stage Manager: Robert Murdoch

Costume Designer: Ricky Lyle

Properties Master: Melissa Gelmo


Baptista Vern Urich
Vincentio Tom Trudeau
Lucentio Mark A. Cross
Petruchio Travis Brazil
Gremio Dennis Gersten
Hortensio Scott Roberts
Tranio Rendon Ramsey
Biondello/Tailor Victoria Engelmayer
Grumio Gugun Deep Singh
Curtis Terence Rotolo
Peter David Daskal
Nathaniel Adam Elliott
Merchant David Stifel
Katherina Stasha Surdyke
Bianca Aubrey Saverino
Los Angeles Shakespeare Company Bianca's Servant Jennifer Bronstein
1909 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd. Widow Kathleen Carthy
Topanga, CA 90290 Baptista's Servant Christopher Haskell


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