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A New Portrait in Oils of William Shakespeare
by Sandor Klein

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Sandor Klein


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Sandor Klein, Artist

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  This beautiful, new oil portrait of William Shakespeare was painted by internationally renowned artist Sandor Klein, especially for The Los Angeles Shakespeare Company (LASC).

Mr. Klein was awarded the Pulitzer for Painting, in 1931, and has since received some of the art world’s most prestigious awards, including Silver Medal Paris Salon, Hallgarten Award, Tiffany Award, Watrous Medal, Carnegie International and a Medal at International Biennial, Venice.

A combat artist in World War Two, Mr. Klein participated in the Kwajalein Islands Eniwetok, Tinian and Saipan campaigns. He was attached to the first assault wave of Marines, with the assignment to paint actual combat conditions.

Famous personalities who have sat for Mr. Klein include Eleanor Roosevelt, Dr. Armand Hammer, General Curtis E. LeMay, the Rothschild Family in France, Henry J. Kaiser, Agnes Moorehead, Rhonda Fleming, Louis Wasserman (MCA), Cesare Romero and John Barrymore.

His paintings are in private collections world-wide and hang in numerous galleries including the Smithsonian, the Luxembourg Museum and the National Gallery in Washington.

For this portrait of Shakespeare, Mr. Klein researched and compared all the known portraits of Shakespeare looking for similarities in facial characteristics. The result is a unique and unusually life-like image of Shakespeare.

When Mr. Klein delivered this portrait to LASC, he gave us ownership and exclusive rights to use the portrait as our logo and for other uses, including fine merchandising.


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